Facebook Groups: The Zero Sum Game for Facebook Marketing?

FBGrpsYour Facebook Page has negligible organic growth, you are not going to advertise or pay to promote your post so what other choices have you got? Marketing on Facebook has suddenly become an exercise of diminishing returns as the effort put into your content creation, marketing strategy isn’t bearing enough fruit to justify the time you spend on it. Here’s a secret, start your own FB user group for your product or services and you can claw back those lost numbers.

Facebook marketing has become a zero sum game with the use of Facebook Groups. It helps to equalize the lost eyeballs and you have to change track if you don’t want to be spending a huge chunk of cash just to stay in the limelight. For example FB Marketing for Newsfeed post promotion starts at US$0.04 cents per person but that doesn’t even guarantee you anything but a bill from Zuckerberg Inc. Post promotion is not the way forward if you think people are going to click on a link that doesn’t first entice fans to something juicy.

Why FB Groups are Profitable

Facebook has explicit reasons to keep you dumbed down for Pages Newsfeed, but it has no reason to keep this same leash on Facebook Groups as it doesn’t apply the same Newsfeed algorithm to it. Facebook groups is more Notification Marketing, and is less intrusive. These post don’t appear all the time but the notifications are there for members to see.


Signing up is real easy. Just create a group, put in a description and keep it open or closed depending on your business strategy. You could even close it to people who are your sworn enemies, or your evil twin who happens to run a similar set up as you just round the corner or for that matter invite people to join your group via email if they don’t already have a Facebook Account.

FB groups works best for small and localized businesses. The reason for this is that it’s not for brand building alone but for customer engagement. This engagement is a two-way street and as long as your product or services needs customer feedback and adoration, then you’ve hit the home run.

FB Groups are Engaging Eyeballs

FB groups are never used for marketing but for sharing a common interest. I have to disagree with a lot of Internet Content Marketeers on this as the marketing odds are in your favor if you know how to create quality and engaging content for your FB group. Think for a moment about the Facebook Page algorithm. The have included a “like baiting” algorithm to discourage you from engaging your audience. These means that those likes are not going to translate to much anyway. Why waste time on it?

The idea behind FB groups is not about getting organic growth, instead you should be focusing on your existing customers and market to them. Repeat customers are often the most neglected since everyone is focusing on organic growth but there is money to be made from customers who are happy with your product or service. The best way to go about starting a group is to have set up a FB  Page and then create your group, and from there funnel your Likers to becoming Members of the group.  Setting up the FB Page will cost you money but that is where you should be parking your money for this one time. Once you have generated a localized mass, you shanghai them to your group. There is nothing about the Facebook algorithm that prevents you from doing this. Think of a way to cajole them into joining and once they do, reward them with a gift coupon or voucher.


Turn on Group Notification

Get your followers to turn on their Notification Settings to receive everything you post on the Group. These settings can be found the moment they get into the group. Call them into action by rewarding them with regular redeemable vouchers.

groupfbOnce they do, group members will be receiving post notifications on their notification channel. This is very important as every post made on the group will send out a notification to all who subscribe to it.


Create an Event for Members Only


Members are known to you and by creating a members only pre-sale or promotional event, you are engaging your most loyal customers. One of the best use of FB Groups is that you know your members from the list generated within the group. Such a call to action campaign to generate business is priceless.


Create “How-To” Content or Curate them for your Members

By keeping your members engaged, you get to keep their eyeballs as well. If you are selling accessories, use articles you find on the Internet to teach people how they could customize your product with it. Learn to up sell your product and services to further complement your business goals.

FBshareEngage your Members with Group Videos and Photos

Not everyone is born with a creative streak and you can reward those who can help you further your business aims by asking them to post video or photos of what they have done to the products you sell. For service based industries,  you can create videos to show what goes on in your business or give them ideas on the services you provide as a whole. Get your members into the action by showing off their own creations or ideas and reward them with prizes.


Share Files and Documents

Words with pictures are often the easier alternative to creating  awareness if you don’t have the means or time to produce a short video.

bargroupContest rules, FAQs, Pre-order of new products, and affiliate marketing documents can be downloaded instead of having it repeated on the Group Newsfeed when someone ask the same questions. There is always someone out there who needs a document which they can use on their smartphones or tablet and this is one way to share them. The limit on the file size is 20mb so there is plenty that you can share with this feature.

Files in these cases can be anything from brochures to informational flyers can be deposited here for all to download to their mobile devices as opposed to having them get on-line to read them.

The downloaded document or file is a powerful tool to get people to action. It can be a charity drive for the local community your business is concerned with and this is a way to tell your members about it.

The Last Word on FB Marketing

FB Group marketing is Notification Marketing as it gets a lower priority on your members newsfeed. Often a post in the group will seldom appear on a member’s newsfeed unless they are actively involved in commenting on it. This means your content has to be more engaging to get people to react, which is sort of similar to “like baiting” so to speak.

The strategy for FB Group marketing is different as it is more subtle since it doesn’t show up on a newsfeed but this is where you get to tip-toe around Facebook’s Pages algorithm and keep your marketing cost low. Measure your results by the effort you put in. If content creation isn’t your forte, get a freelance blogger to help you along.

Facebook Page marketing is a totally different beast. It is expensive and doesn’t promise any tangible results which leads a lot of people to suspect that they have been had. You need to pair that marketing strategy with great content and this is where Facebook fails to mention so people assume Facebook will do double duty to get your post noticed. A majority of page owners have seen their number of fan engagements plummet to the depths of the Titanic and recovery is not any option at this point. Your post isn’t going to be worth jack even if you paid for it and gets ignored. It is high time Facebook puts some real world guarantees into its vaporous advertising drives.



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