Content Creators Flee From YouTube, Flock to Facebook for Videos??


Social Bakers, the most trusted name in Facebook marketing has come out to bash video sharing sites in a blatant attempt to promote Facebook’s own Video sharing program.

First let me assure you that the above statistic is skewered towards Facebook. As a former market intelligence analyst who played with numbers to make charts look good, this was relatively easy for Social Bakers to achieve since they have used a sample criteria that basically promotes feeds on FB. The sample size too is suspect…if you get my drift.


No where in the statistic were there mentions of paid or organic reach. Nor was there any mention if any of the brands or page owners advertise exclusively only on Facebook.

Content Creators Get Paid on YouTube

Yup. You want to be a top video content producer, you need to earn money. Forget about the brands which have a truckload of cash to get a full video team to produce a short clip. They have plenty of money to spare and putting up a video on Facebook is not going to dent their retirement fund. True content creators do this professionally as they expect to earn their keep on the videos they post…that’s why they end up on YouTube.

Video Content Becomes Vapourware on Facebook

If you don’t exactly know, you can’t search for a particular video post on Facebook. The post is promoted via a Facebook algorithm and once it has lost traction and engagement, it sits on your FB page. So if someone doesn’t know your page, your video will never get that organic reach you have been dreaming about in your wet dreams.

What Happens in Facebook, Stays in Facebook

Here is another lesser known evil. If you are not a Facebook user, then you can’t view videos. Facebook is like North Korea. Your video content does not exist outside of its borders.


Ever tried sharing a link you found on Facebook? Well you can do that provided Kim Jong Urn is also on Facebook. If he’s not on Facebook but on Google Plus, you might as well send him a fax.


Social Bakers will still provide insightful statistics to Facebook usage but don’t believe everything they put out. They don’t even have a social disclaimer to say that their staff or management do not hold shares in Facebook. If they did, I would believe them. But when they don’t even care to mention something this important. Then it’s North Korea or bust.

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