Good Riddance To Social Search

Social Search is going to be a thing of the past as Google quietly sweeps it under the carpet.


Remember how not too long ago the future of search — at least according to the big search engines — was social search? Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find any mention of social search on Google or Bing (let alone Yahoo Search). Let’s be thankful for that because social search was an ill-begotten idea to begin with.

The basic idea behind social search was that with all of the links and reviews we share on social media, search results could be made more relevant by including (and highlighting) that data right on the search results page. Because somebody you knew also shared (or liked, or +1’ed) a story, the theory was it was likely more interesting to you, too. Sounds good in theory, but in reality, it just cluttered up your search results.

social search MG liked the idea of social search back in 2011.

Back in 2009, around the time Twitter started getting some…

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