Facebook wants you to Double Down on Instant Articles

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Come April, the F8 conference will bring news on how Facebook will partner with WordPress to channel a curated list of content called Instant Articles which you can use on your Facebook page.

As a content creator, you are not going to get advertising payment from FB or WordPress for this but it is for ‘self promotion’.

I know, the terms has been abused with much amusement to the point it isn’t funny anymore. Content creation is hard work but people at Facebook think they have a right to pillage your content, give it to others who in turn pay Facebook to boost their post.

Why Facebook Page Post is in Trouble

Think about it. You have to scrap content from a site, mask it as your own and pay Facebook to boost that post to your followers.

Too much work.

So what better way to do this than to get a free newsfeed from Facebook, that is curated and approved by Zuckerberg himself, and then just pay him for boosting that content to your Page followers so that they would stick around.

It has become apparent that FB Page reach has tumbled to all time lows of 2 percent in 2015, but in 2016, it might go all the way to zero.

How does Facebook Instant Articles Work?

First you need a WordPress CMS with WordPress’ Automattic plugin enabled for your blog.

Got that up and running? No sweat.

Then you have to download and install the Instant Article Plugin which is only available from WordPress after April 8, 2016. It won’t be available before this date.

Once you have both installed on your blog, you need to enable and notify Facebook HQ of your willingness to allow your content to be prostituted for free in exchange for eyeballs. This can be done from your FB Page settings.

You will NOT be paid any commission for this. If you already have a WordPress site linked to your FB profile, you still cannot specify it for use only for your FB Page only.

When you apply to submit your content feed to Facebook,  the Facebook folks will go through your blog to see it fits their submission criteria, and contain no extreme stuff like Dump the Trump cartoons or ISIL rhetoric. Once you make it on the green list. You are literally syndicated to everyone who has a FB Page.

All means a helluva lot of cheap people who have no idea for content will reuse your content.

What Automattic does is that your content will be formatted to fit mobile screens on Facebook Pages. In other words, it’s a form of content scrapping which you readily submit to. It is a bit like public floggings but with your approval.

Facebook Content Marketing with your Content

Your content, when you agree to the Facebook terms, remains yours but everyone else will be free to use it.

Would it benefit you? Only you believe if whoring your life’s work is kosher.

The possibilities are endless. People will have great content from your hard work while none of the ads you put up will ever appear on the Facebook Page that uses it.

Sounds like a sham doesn’t it?

I think so too.







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