SEO & CMS Equation


Whats the difference between a Website and a CMS platform? I need an online presence and will it affect my chances of getting a page rank with a CMS?

Not really, no. Websites were terms used in the 1990s for people who wanted online brochures. People needed a way to advertise their presence without having to send out printed company information. This hasn’t changed but how you get a page rank has. Before Google, there were search engines like Yahoo, Netscape, Altavista and Webcrawler. These engines sent out ‘bots’ to index your website and there was a time you needed to do this manually by submitting your domain name to the search engine. Some still do, like Microsoft Bing, you can submit an invite to the resident SEO bot to spider your site and find relevant information. When Google came along with their fancy algorithm, it changed the search landscape. The criteria had to be met before you could be ranked. It started out as all search engines did, badly. Like aged cheese from a farm, it got better over the years and finally people came to trust a search engine to go through their entire site.

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