Time to Dump the Facebook App!


Finally, you can junk your space hogging Facebook app once and for all on Android and iOS.

For the longet time, I detested the app for being a storage and RAM hog as it still to pile on all those extra features. When FB finally spun off Messenger as a separate app, the FB app didn’t quite slim down either. So I dumped it and resorted to using the mobile web access on my chrome browser.

Previously, the downside of using chrome browser access to your FB profile was that you can’t get any notifications. But as of today, the browser access for FB has been revamped, and you can now get notifications from friends and family who you are following just like the desktop version. Mobile browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are supported and these browsers would request for permission to send notifications to you. All you have to do is click YES, and you now have full FB access to all the notifications that appear on your feed.


This new feature officially makes the FB mobile app totally redundant.

One of the caveats of using Facebook mobile app is that you can’t get any virtual translation when the post is written in a foreign language. So you probably had to guess what your foreign friends are talking about provided you were psychic.

The FB app just didn’t make any real sense since the FB mobile site can jump through far more hoops than the mobile app could.

So from now on, all you have to do is log in to your FB profile using Chrome browser, and confirm the status when FB ask you if you wish to receive notifications from the browser and you have hit a home run.

What you get on the mobile web site is precisely what you get on a desktop browser, so saving a few megabytes of space would be worthwhile if you had an older smartphone with limited memory. Device owners who have only 1GB of RAM available should be able to free up some valuable space in light of this.

To keep the browser based notifications on, you only need to allow the browser that is logged into the FB account running in the background.