What are Content Spinners?


Love’ em or hate them, content spinners are the boon and bane of the online world. But for those of us who can’t write a paragraph to save our own lives, content spinners become manna from heaven. You load up a stolen page of content, put it through a content spinner and out comes freshly pressed copy, or so you think.

Copyscape Escape

When you steal an entire written page and have that mashed up to look like it was new, there are bound to be problems. First, let’s not delude ourselves that a program with some grammar coding will do the trick.

Content spinners  replaces certain keywords with a Thesaurus equivalent. When you start using spoken verbs and nouns to describe something unique, a machine will fail to understand what you mean and just offer you what it thinks would be an appropriate replacement.  This is how it backfires and you don’t have to go far to test this logic.



The bottom are spun content and you can see how it goes wrong. The term “demanding” has been replaced with “more requesting” with Spinbot while Best Free Spinner uses the term “additional requiring”. Funny isn’t it? I think a five year old could point out that mistake from a mile. Then again, this could be where award winning comedy writers find their stuff.

Paid Content Spinners

Never trust a computer to output borrowed or stolen content. That said some conniving souls think that it can be done on the cheap. You can avail yourself to the many services that are on offer these days. It’s like dealing with the mafia, you want someone beaten up, it will cost you this much, if you want him permanently tipped over, it will cost you that much, and so on.


Content Spinning by the Content Mafia?

There are content mafias who use real people to do the job. The hitmen of choice? Writers from third world countries whose second or first language is English. These content mafias farm out ‘assignments’  to writers in places such as the Philippines and India—where they regurgitate the misappropriated content like a bulimic and send that back to you. You get what you paid for and if you’re not happy with the spun content, you can’t have your money back.

Engaging your Audience

Content comes in many forms but are divided into two distinctions. One is that they don’t have a dime of sense while the other is about sharing knowledge or any form of savior faire.

How does Google’s new Hummingbird SEO pick up on content? The secret here is that the new algorithm recognizes how people speak. When you write as you speak, the clarity is in how you structure the words to mean something. Though it is too early to tell if Hummingbird can pick up localized ‘slang’ or ‘creole’, it is safe to say that it can pick up content spun by Spinbots for their ungainly use of grammar.

Content is suppose to engage your audience and not entertain them with some thesaurus inspired double speak. Content spinner that promises you NEW and ORIGINAL content are  lying like born-again politicians.

Even if you did invest into a Content Spinner, you haven’t hit a home run without first cleaning up the mess it created. Worst still is when English isn’t your first language. You won’t have a clue what those spun articles could mean.


search result for organically grown dildos?

Where can I find Free Content?

Facts will always be facts, you can’t steal facts from another person but how you express it to an audience matters. Hiring a writer to write from a fact sheet is probably the easiest way to developing your own content. Places like Freelancer.com and Guru.com are hives for such talent. If you can’t afford it, then maybe you could ante up on those Google adwords campaigns. That will work for sure. No content required either.

Ok stop groveling.  If you thought I had misled you into thinking that you had to pay for all sorts of content, well don’t because here’s the clue. Go get yourself a journalist/blogger account with PR Newswire.


Part of the ranking consideration with Google’s SEO in the past (and the foreseeable future  too) is to see how may people carry the same information hosted on different domains. So PR Newswire basically disseminates the press releases and news to journalist and bloggers to write about. The more you bloggers write about these items, the more credible it sounds and up goes the Google Page Ranking.

PR Newswire  offers services to bloggers but at this point, it is just press released. Look for the relevant content from the listed post to find your story. When I was an editor for a magazine, I use to go through all the press releases and if I found something interesting, I would call them up for a more intimate story. Press releases are often very dull, boring and to the point. It can put fishes to sleep if they could read.

To develop original content, just start asking some questions and get some personal quotes from the relevant sources, it will make your content shine. However you still need to have a content strategy in place before you get all comfy.