Facebook Pages: The New Algorithm Punches below the Belt



Facebook announced its Facebook for Business in Dec 2013 and within months, a new algorithm was introduced and it doesn’t look good for content marketing.

Techcrunch published an article on how Facebook has been destroying your pages newsfeed with its new algorithm. Apparently, they have the facts right but haven’t gone far enough to tell Zuckerberg in his face that he’s given you free heroin and asking for payment later. The problem is that the organic reach has been affected.

Organic reach: The number of unique people who saw your post in News Feed or on your Page, including people who saw it from a story shared by a friend when they liked, commented on or shared your post, answered a question or responded to an event

It is true that Facebook has been tweaking its algorithm for Pages newsfeed. Your fans don’t get to see any of those feeds anymore than they see Santa these days and there is good reason for it. The chart above illustrates this problem quite clearly.


Social DNA is important now in the eyes of Facebook. Small businesses who have invested in a Free page will now have to ante up to get their post featured on their fan’s pages. Social DNA is determine by how often people like and share your post. If it’s not up to mark, it won’t be featured. Social DNA isn’t about having regular newsfeed post but rather on the quality of the post. And this can be determined by the number of comments and shares you get on a post.

Now let me point out to you that in the past Facebook Pages are free to set up. Any SMB (small medium business) with a limited budget to promote their brand are welcome to sign up. Then they asked you to spend money to get ‘likes’ for your new business page. Sounds fair so you put down your 20 dollars and in no time get a thousand likes. And with these likes, you basically have a following of sorts each time you post some news to your Page in the hope that your likes will translate to sales. The more post you put up then the more likes, shares and comments you will get and this is what social DNA is all about.

Enter the Social Media Management Systems and Agencies

Facebook pages is a huge business. So huge that you now have Social Media Management Agencies as well as Social Media Management Systems which you can sign up for to manage your Facebook Page. The agencies offer everything you need to boost your social rankings, and these are full fledge digital agencies that deal specifically with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, G+, etc, etc, on your behalf. The SMM Systems like Hootsuite and Buffer offer you dashboard control of all your social media accounts. And fo course, you have to pay for everything.

I bet Zuckerberg was walking on the beach somewhere in California when a beach ball hit him on the head to give him that idea. Why the fuck are you paying SMM Agencies and Systems when I can virtually make you lick my heels? So he came out with this newsfeed algorithm to take business away from SMM Systems and SMM Agencies.

Acquired Targeting….

Your social presence has a DNA which engages the reader. So when it gets big enough, well, it’s time you have to pay for your post to be featured. Facebook just made your subscription to those SMM tools totally redundant. I have remarked in some of my previous post that Social Media Marketing is as over rated as a Woody Allen movie. They do the same thing that SMM system tools do. Post by post, they are suppose to generate traffic  These SMM tools and agencies are at best, web traffic pimps. They promise you better management of your content on social media but with the new algorithm for your business page in place, your post aren’t going to get featured anyway!

Take a moment to understand how a newsfeed post gets featured.

  • How popular (Liked, commented on, shared, clicked) are the post creator’s past posts with everyone
  • How popular is this post with everyone who has already seen it
  • How popular have the post creator’s past posts been with the viewer
  • Does the type of post (status update, photo, video, link) match what types have been popular with the viewer in the past
  • How recently was the post published

This is why Content Development matters. You need to formulate a bullet proof strategy to start with before you start marketing your post online. What’s more, using a SMM service is no guarantee of getting traffic to your page if you don’t start paying Zuckerberg and company.

Tipping Point for Paid Reach

Your content strategy is to get people to notice, share and comment on your post to get results. This means that your audience must like and share the post with their friends to stay relevant. Once this happens often enough, you get a boost in your Social DNA. You can’t escape the fact that you have to pay to get your post featured and once you do, make sure you have the juicy content that people are looking for.

This is a tough act to follow because small businesses have limited budgets to spend on a promotion, and if you don’t have something attractive to be shared, like maybe the One Dollar Hooker special if you happen to run a brothel, then you’re out of luck.


Your Facebook audience may not be inundated with news feed post from friends. But Facebook isn’t letting this go. They want your money. All the crap you hear about Facebook keeping the newsfeed algorithm trim and healthy is just another excuse to charge business owners money to feed their bottom line revenue. The average Facebook user has less than 300 friends. In fact, Scientist have proven that we can only keep 150 people on a list. The rest are fair game. How many  pages does the average Facebook user likes anyway? It’s only 40. Seriously, do you think that all 40 brands will post to your time line newsfeed everyday of the week? This is what Facebook is saying right now about the new algorithm. Keep it trim and snappy. Sorry bud, no free rides if you’re a growing business.

How much you are willing to spend to boost your post reach is up to you. You could rack up thousands on your credit card if you are not too careful. So don’t go crazy with the plastic. Plan your content strategy first before jumping onto the Fan page bandwagon.